19 Jan

Time for a financial check up?


Posted by: KariAnn Wenzel

When is the last time you had a financial check up?  With today’s rates as low as they are, there has never been a better time to review your home financing options.  For those of you looking to purchase, take advantage of a pre-approval to lock in your rate for up to 120 days.  This will give you peace of mind and security in a market where rates are starting to climb.  If you already own a home, now may be the time to take a look at your current mortgage features.  Will you save money by switching to a different lender or term?  Today’s low rates are starting to make this a very attractive option.  Do you have other outstanding debts that you are paying higher interest on? Consolidating all your debts into one, low monthly payment may also be a great option.  If your mortgage is coming up for renewal soon, you may have the option to lock in a new rate several months before your renewal date.

Whatever you situation is, I am here to help!  My advice is free and my hours are flexible.  Call for your financial check up today!!!